What We Do


  • We assist clients with the identification of international market opportunities, allowing them to better understand foreign markets and develop the right relationships to succeed.
  • We develop clients’ understanding of their own expansion drivers (defensive expansion, diversification, integration, etc…).
  • We develop international strategies for and adapt client business models to achieve sustainable growth.
  • We assist clients with identifying and raising the proper funding to deliver results according to their growth aspirations.
  • We support clients in developing their business strategy, and in implementing corporate restructuring initiatives.
  • We advise clients on developing the right expansion model (i.e. branch, subsidiary, franchise, etc…) and market entry strategy (i.e. merger, acquisition, joint venture, green field set-up) tailored to their individual needs.
  • We offer corporate restructuring advisory and implementation services, including cost cutting initiatives, union negotiations, corporate communications, and running change management initiatives.
  • We offer M&A advisory services including valuation, running due diligence, financial structuring, and carrying out post-acquisition integrations.
  • We help clients in developing and implementing green field initiatives, and we offer services including negotiations with regulatory bodies and partners, and obtaining necessary approvals/licensing/permits.